About Us


Our Mission

  • To facilitate the growth of the female artist in a challenging, supportive, playful, and creative environment.
  • To create a diverse company of women where many worlds, cultures, backgrounds and ideas are represented as we explore the breadth and depth of the human condition.
  • To make Shakespeare accessible physically and financially to underserved communities especially those marginalized as a result of socio-economic status and geographic location.
  • To use Shakespeare to bridge international cultural gaps by creating a methodology that develops our passion for theatre not only as an art form, but also as an educational tool.
  • To foster emerging female playwrights and voices in conjunction with exploring the theatrical masterpieces of William Shakespeare.

About Us

2011_Henry V_3

Manhattan Shakespeare Project is a Shakespeare community committed to fostering the development of the female artist. We explore and create vital and currently viable theatre in four areas: Shakespeare, New Works, International Outreach and Education.

Shakespeare: We are committed to exploring how we can re-envision Shakespeare’s works to communicate to new generations, and new communities both inside NY and worldwide. Our Shakespeare focuses on gender constructs by asking the question: What does it mean to use an all-female cast with scripts and characters that were originally written for all-male casts? (Besides who can resist chicks with swords?)

2010_Playwrights_Fest_Highway BlueNew Works: We are committed to developing new works from emerging female playwrights, with a focus on supporting the work and the workers. In short, artist driven work that encourages the betterment of those artists by allowing them a safe collaborative community to hear their work, receive feedback and make changes with an eye towards production. (We are women hear us roar!)


International Outreach: We are committed to working with communities worldwide. Our international outreach projects (both performance and education) are focused on creating a mentorship program using Shakespeare and the development of original theatre pieces to bridge culturally diverse communities and empower artists and non-artists to create non-violent means of imagining a world beyond fear. Basically we want to get the communities of the world talking to each other through Shakespeare. (And, you know, change the world, bring about a little thing called world peace. Small things like that.)

IMG_3746Education: We are committed to exploring how Shakespeare and theatre can enhance communication skills, and be an educational tool to teach future generations how to be more confident human beings capable of expression in public arenas. (Did we mention we’re hell-bent on changing the world?)

Be sure to check out our current projects.

For the Future

Here’s our Wish-List:

  • We want to create a not-for-profit company able to financially support itself and provide livable salaries for all employed. (Anyone wanna be on our board?)
  • We want to find permanent space (rehearsal, performance, and in a beautiful world office space as well) for the company and it’s artistic and educational endeavors. (Got a warehouse you’re not using?)
  • We want to change the world. (No really, seriously. Help us.)

As we embark on this fabulous adventure we invite you to participate in the creation! Contact us for how you can be involved, make a tax deductible donation, come see our shows, and pass the word onto friends!

Thanks so much!
The Manhattan Shakes Team