The Shrew Blog 5-5-15


Shannon Ward – Lucentio/Ensemble

Shannon_rehearsalDammit, if I don’t keep making connections between my life and this play. Which is not something I would have guessed coming into The Taming of the Shrew. But there is always something new to find with Shakespeare. (One would hope that would be the case. Otherwise why would we still be reading and performing it?) Today we discussed Bianca, a character who I had always written off as a vapid secondary character that was simply the foil to Kate’s “shrew.” But when I thought of her as a person rather than a character, I remembered that she is a sister. A little sister. I have one of those. Bianca has had a childhood in Kate’s shadow. Learning from her, seeing her failures and successes, and forging her own life accordingly. Now, I’m not sure how much my sister would agree with this, but I am absolutely certain that she is handling life which much more badass poise than I did at her age. I am incredibly proud of her accomplishments, and I think she will grow into an AMAZING woman. But I see Bianca now as a more rounded person. Perhaps very similar to Kate, just better at playing the game. (The game being society. It’s always society.) And Kate sees her, a mini-her that’s more successful at life, and she is jealous. The parallel between their relationship and my relationship with my sister ends there, but I think that Kate is extra infuriated because she has lost an ally in life.


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