The Shrew Blog 5-1-15


Monica Jones – Katharina, Ensemble

Monica_rehearsalI recently got married…like in February. So, I have a sort of connection with Kate. The idea that somehow one must lose themselves in order to become one with their partner for life. We have debated whether or not Kate is a willing participant, a conspirator or somewhere in the middle. From my personal experience, there comes a certain death to self. Not so much one to mourn but a loss, nonetheless. To remove something in order to gain. If I had one goal, my mission to bring to this production, it is to highlight the strength of such a decision. Her unwillingness is a mask to hide her fear…perhaps. Her defiance is to mask her uncertainty…perhaps. Her compliance is a representation of her hope…perhaps.

I’m excited to explore the fight in Kate. Not just in her defiance, wit, unflappableness (Is that a word?), etc…but in her battle to submit and to sustain. Kate is a wild horse, beautiful and dangerous. What happens when she is captured, bridled and bound? Does she lose her spirit? Or is it simply her spirit is so vast and powerful that nothing can truly contain her? I guess I am excited to explore the fight within myself as well.

We shall see….


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