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Emerging Female Voices


New Works: We are committed to developing new works from emerging female playwrights, with a focus on supporting the work and the workers.  In short, artist driven work that encourages the betterment of those artists by allowing them a safe collaborative community to hear their work, receive feedback and make changes with an eye towards production. (We are women hear us roar!)


2010 Hendra


Manhattan Shakespeare Project presents:

Hendra – an original play by Daniel Holloway


  • Monday July 12th – Schapiro Theatre – 7pm

This is a FREE workshop reading. Wine and snacks provided!

Schapiro Theatre: 605 W.115th St., NY, NY 10025


Playwright’s Notes

This will be the first time the words of Hendra have audibly existed in the physical world. Hearing a play aloud and watching how another human being embodies the ideas a playwright created is an essential step in allowing a new work to blossom.

In late 2008, I came across a discarded National Geographic in the coffee shop beneath my apartment. Reading through, I encountered an article about zoonoses, diseases which can be transmitted from non-human animals to humans. The events which transpired in Hendra, Australia were one of the examples listed and I immediately saw the possibility for a play. I have been lax with certain historical facts and have, of course, put words into people’s mouths that almost certainly never resided there, but the vast majority of what happens in the play is accurate.

Playwrights are always happy to have feedback, specifically at this early stage. If you have any specific feedback, or are just willing to open a dialogue, please feel free to contact me at hamletd@yahoo.com.




  • Angelo Angrisani: CLAY MILLER
  • Sam Bailer: DUAN TYNDALL
  • Frank Sellers: RAY UNWIN
  • Timothy J. Cox: JOHN MEISCHER
  • Dashiell Wesley Crigler: PETER REID
  • Lincoln L. Hayes: MICHAEL PASTEUR

* * *

Daniel Holloway (Playwright) was born in the South, educated in England and feels at home in San Francisco. He is a published poet and a rising playwright. Recently, his play, Yazoo, was one of three chosen for the Augustana New Play Bash. He has recently moved to New York and can be found searching the City for the best dirty martini.

Angelo Angrisani (CLAY MILLER) has returned to the craft of acting after many years absent. Over the past several years he has appeared in many films and stage productions. He wants to thank his wife Susan and his three lovely daughters Ariana, Nicole and Callie, for their support.


Sam Bailer (DUAN TYNDALL) is honored and excited to be a part of this reading. Sam has been busy this past month working on TV, film and theatre. He is currently working on a show that opens on Wednesday called Tombstone-saga of the Americans (west) in Inwood Park. Next month he starts his movie project Single Life: the musical. Sam wants to thank his family, because without their never-ending support and love none of this would be possible. He would also love to thank the friends he has acquired since moving to NYC 9 yrs ago. Thank you.

Frank Sellers (RAY UNWIN) was born in the Philadelphia area and grew up in north-central Pennsylvania. He first felt The Calling when he was cast in the lead role of King Kingross in his sixth-grade play. He not only memorized his own lines but everyone else’s, too! (His mother could see his lips move.) In college, French was his passion so theater was limited to designing play posters, though he did play another king… (Coincidence or Destiny?) After college he caught the journalism bug for about a decade, then became an IT consultant and in 2008 he finally began pursuing his dream.

Timothy J. Cox (JOHN MEISCHER) last appeared onstage with The Queens Players as Peter Quince in their critically acclaimed production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Recent New York credits include As You Like It (The Queens Players), Much Ado About Nothing and Arsenic and Old Lace (Queens Shakespeare, Inc.), 12th Night of the Living Dead (as Sir Toby Belch) with the Impetuous Theater Group, Picasso at the Lapin Agile and Measure for Measure with the Astoria Performing Arts Center, plus the original works Jack Kerouac-Last Call and The Cat and the Moon, by award winning playwright Tom O’Neil which premiered at the 13th Street Repertory Company. Regional credits include everything from Shakespeare to Neil Simon. Film credits include Why I Fired My Secrtetary(HRM Productions), Over Coffee (Two-Five Films) and Socks and Cakes(Kimistra Films). Please visit www.timothyjcox.com for more information.

Dashiell Wesley Crigler (PETER REID) Now makes his home Brooklyn, NY. He has acted in community theatre, film and commercials. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Terry Schreiber Studio. Touched, moved, and inspired.

Lincoln L. Hayes (MICHAEL PASTEUR) is an actor, writer, director, and founder of the Outcast Ensemble, a New York-based theater company. Previous credits include The Last Days of Judas IscariotIn Writing, and The KAnderson One Acts – Solitaire, Waiting Room, and Fall-Out. Recent film credits include No Smoking, Please,White Irish Drinkers, and Eat, Pray, Love. He is currently in production of a new play, The Day After Yesterday and a short film, Kaiius. He also has two of his own films in development, A Way Out and Change of Address. Follow him on Twitter: @lincolnlhayes.

Andrew Lerner (DRAMA SERIES/TOMCAT ELIOT/MAILPERSON) is a NY based actor, from the wonderful state of NJ. He graduated from Montclair St. University (in NJ), regretfully, with a degree in Food Science & Nutrition. He will be making his theatrical debut on Aug. 1 in the off-Broad