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Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom


Hello, Teaching Artists, Teachers, Administrators, and all you Arts Education minded people!!

Welcome to our series of Open Source Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom Workshops made possible by a Creative Curricula Grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and New York State Council on the Arts

Please read, download, and use! And let us know what you think! Also check out our daily blog by Teaching Artists Leah Reddy, Sarah Eismann, and Kasey Brown as they report from the classroom.

Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom

10 Workshop residency in partnership with Manhattan School for Career Development

Artist/Educator Inquiry question: How does adapting and performing Shakespeare help students develop career readiness skills?

Residency Thematic Question: How does an ensemble create a personalized adaptation of Romeo and Juliet?


Residency Overview

Romeo and Juliet Summary

Pre-Residency Survey Questions

Workshop #1: Make It Physical20141002_093851

THEMATIC QUESTION: How does an actor use body language and facial expression to reveal character?

KNOW (Facts, Information, Vocabulary): Romeo & Juliet given circumstances: characters, relationships, Prince’s law; stage, audience, body language, facial expression

UNDERSTAND (Comprehension of the big ideas): how to use their bodies to reveal a character (feeling and personality)

DO (Active demonstration of learning): create a tableau showing the feuding families

Workshop #2: Put It In Your Own Words

Workshop #3: Stage Pictures

Workshop #4: Speaking With Expression

Workshop #5: Listening and Responding

Workshop #6: Listening and Responding in Character

Workshop #7: Physical Character Day

Workshop #8: First Rehearsal – Putting It All Together

Workshop #9: Second Rehearsal – Focus

Workshop #10: Performance!


IndieGoGo Launched! Help MSP bring Shakespeare to the Special Education Classroom!



Our 2014 Season IndieGoGo has launched!2014-05-29 18.24.22

In addition to raising funds to pay the fabulous artists involved
with 2014 FREE Shakespeare in the ParkS ROMEO & JULIET we are very excited to officially announce the launch of our Fall Education Program!

We started the year off with an amazing $3,100 grant from LMCC and NYSCA which funds half the budget for Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special 2014-05-23 19.56.30Education Classroom.

Our wish is for the full program (8 classroom sessions, 57 teaching hours) to run this fall, so we are reaching out to you for your help in making this happen.

Even a $20 tax deductible contribution will add teaching hours with these amazing kids at Manhattan School for Career Development.IMG_4194

Lots of companies do donation matching programs, ask at your place of employment and double the impact of your contribution!

For the full campaign and donation link please visit:

Please share this e-mail, tweet, facebook, and anything else you can think of!  We rely on the support of people like you and are extremely appreciative for all your help!2014-05-29 18.43.05

Thank you!
Sarah & The MSP Team

Manhattan Shakespeare Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Manhattan Shakespeare Project must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

IMG_4217Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special Education classroom is made possible in part with matching public funds from Creative Curricula, supported by New York State Council on the Arts and administered by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.