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The Shrew Blog 4-23-15


Margo Murphy-Gross – Stage Manager

IMG_20150426_112114Taming of the Shrew has been one of my favorite shows from a very young age, starting with a preteen obsession with Heath Ledger in “10 Things I Hate About You”. I have been lucky enough to work on a production of Taming two summers in a row now and find that this show holds so much for people to look at from so many perspectives. The rehearsal process thus far with MSP has been really wonderful. Looking at this show from an all-female perspective is a very emotional experience. Today’s rehearsal has me thinking a lot about what women thing of men’s tonality and physicality. Sarah having to find where Petruchio is scary or playful. During this rehearsal Sarah found something particularly powerful with Petruchio’s voice, finding the male tonality that I (and maybe others) react to emotionally and instantly. In addition to that flooring experience in today’s rehearsal there have been many moments watching women take over male characters during this rehearsal. I think that it’s very powerful to witness this and even adds power to the women (the people not just the actors) taking over these male characters. I am excited to watch the power dynamics between the characters and between the actors and the characters that they are taking on.

How do you code shift? When and with who do you use a “different” you? And why?


New York Shakespeare Convention


Living Space Players did an amazing job creating the following to advertise for NYShakesCon and we thought, what the heck, why re-invent the wheel?!

The First Annual New York Shakespeare Convention!

Manhattan Shakespeare Project is a proud participant of the New York Shakespeare Convention! The NY ShakesCon is a gathering of New York based Shakespeare Companies hailing from all over the state. The convention is a great way for actors, writers, directors, producers, educators and plain ol’ fans of Willy Shakes to get in contact with up and coming companies producing the Bard’s work! There will be live music, food and drink!

After the convention there will be a performance of Romeo & Juliet done in 5 Way Shakespeare style! What does this mean? Well it means that each act of Romeo & Juliet will be presented by a different company!

The incredible companies that will be there include:

Bottoms Dream
Adirondack Shakespeare Co.
The Puppet Shakespeare Players
Spicy Witch Productions
Underling Productions

Living Space Players
The Night Shift 

And of course, yours truly!

Check out what BroadwayWorld.com has to say about it!

The Convention itself is free! To purchase tickets to 5 Ways Shakespeare Romeo & Juliet, click HERE

We hope to see you there!NYSC dark blue hashtag


The Shrew Blog



This summer, June-July 2015, Manhattan Shakes will be performing Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew in our signature FREE Shakespeare in the ParkS production.

This story has been dubbed a “problem” play. We, the women working on this production, would like to share our thoughts and feelings about tackling this script.

Follow The Shrew Blog as we invite you into the rehearsal room and our interior monologues as women and as actors. In our own words.

April 22, 2015 – Kate Holland (Director)

April 23, 2015 – Margo Murphy-Gross (Stage Manager)

April 26, 2015 – Amy Frey (Tranio, Ensemble)

April 27, 2015 – Shannon Ward (Lucentio/Ensemble)

April 29, 2015 – Kate Holland (Director)

May 1, 2015 – Monica Jones (Katharina, Ensemble)

May 3, 2015 – Margo Murphy-Gross (Stage Manager)

May 5, 2015 – Shannon Ward (Lucentio/Ensemble)

May 9, 2015 – Carla Lerner (Tranio, Ensemble)


The Shrew Blog 4-22-15

Kate Holland – Director
IMG_20150426_113246Tonight we are looking at the wooing scene between Hortensio, Lucentio and Bianca. This scene is so delicious, full of innuendo and wordplay. It’s also the scene where we see how powerful Bianca is. Unlike Katharina, Bianca has learned the all the rules of the gender game and is a virtuosic player. While staying completely sweet and charming throughout the scene, she displays an ironclad will and a fierce intelligence. She is actually not all that different from her “shrewish” sister — she’s just a much more adaptable player.


Does Katharina learn to play? Is that what Petruchio is teaching her?


What happens to women who can’t or won’t play the role that society has ordained that they play?


To the good ones, the kind and quiet and undemanding ones, much is given, as long as they are beautiful. Katharina is like the wicked stepsisters and Cinderella all in one — cut off your heel and toes to fit in a glass slipper, and as long as you never make a peep again, you can marry the Prince.


Reminds me of Brene Brown’s work on shame, and how women most often feel shame when they have failed to do everything perfectly, and still maintain composure. Never let them see you sweat. Backwards, in heels.
Have you ever felt shame associated with your gender? Looking back on your younger experiences what advice would you give yourself?

Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom


Hello, Teaching Artists, Teachers, Administrators, and all you Arts Education minded people!!

Welcome to our series of Open Source Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom Workshops made possible by a Creative Curricula Grant from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and New York State Council on the Arts

Please read, download, and use! And let us know what you think! Also check out our daily blog by Teaching Artists Leah Reddy, Sarah Eismann, and Kasey Brown as they report from the classroom.

Problem Solving with the Bard: Shakespeare in the Special Education Classroom

10 Workshop residency in partnership with Manhattan School for Career Development

Artist/Educator Inquiry question: How does adapting and performing Shakespeare help students develop career readiness skills?

Residency Thematic Question: How does an ensemble create a personalized adaptation of Romeo and Juliet?


Residency Overview

Romeo and Juliet Summary

Pre-Residency Survey Questions

Workshop #1: Make It Physical20141002_093851

THEMATIC QUESTION: How does an actor use body language and facial expression to reveal character?

KNOW (Facts, Information, Vocabulary): Romeo & Juliet given circumstances: characters, relationships, Prince’s law; stage, audience, body language, facial expression

UNDERSTAND (Comprehension of the big ideas): how to use their bodies to reveal a character (feeling and personality)

DO (Active demonstration of learning): create a tableau showing the feuding families

Workshop #2: Put It In Your Own Words

Workshop #3: Stage Pictures

Workshop #4: Speaking With Expression

Workshop #5: Listening and Responding

Workshop #6: Listening and Responding in Character

Workshop #7: Physical Character Day

Workshop #8: First Rehearsal – Putting It All Together

Workshop #9: Second Rehearsal – Focus

Workshop #10: Performance!


We’re an #AWBgrantee!


AWB_LogoThat’s right!! We are thrilled, excited and honored to announce we are now a grantee of Awesome Without Borders! @AwesomeWithoutBorders has selected us as an #AWBgrantee! They are our Awesome Angels 🙂 A chapter of the Awesome Foundation, AWB gives $1,000 nostrings-attached weekly grants to awesome initiatives worldwide. To learn more about their work, click here.

MSP’s 2014 FREE Shakespeare in the ParkS: Romeo and Juliet was chosen! Learn more about our project here: http://bit.ly/XX3jLO

“What light through yonder window breaks? Why, old William himself, according to Sarah Eismann! She believes the power of Shakespeare & storytelling can bring greater empathy into our lives. To prove it, she’s staging a series of free performances of Romeo & Juliet across New York City’s parks.

Through the Manhattan Shakespeare Project, people from Central Park, Harlem, and Brooklyn have had their hearts & imaginations rekindled by the impassioned words & personas of the world’s most prominent playwright. These performances stand out from most Shakespearean productions in three ways: they’re performed outdoors, they’re free, and they feature an entirely female cast & crew. Each performance is a festival in itself, with singing and dancing erupting from throngs of thrilled audiences!

Things are only going to get better in 2014, as MSP branches out into more venues, and bridges more communities through timeless tales that speak straight to the shared human condition. A grant will help ease the burden of compensating the dauntless artists and assistants who make each production a resounding success.”

“The Awesome Foundation distributes a series of monthly $1,000 grants to projects and their creators. The money is pooled together from the coffers of ten or so self-organizing “micro-trustees” and given upfront in cash, check, or gold doubloons. The chapters are autonomous and organized by the trustees around geographic areas or topics of interest. The Foundation provides these grants with no strings attached and claims no ownership over the projects it supports. It is, in the words of one of our trustees, a micro-genius grant for flashes of micro-brilliance.” To date, 95 chapters have been established in over 21 countries, with 1000+ projects funded.

In early 2013, The Harnisch Foundation teamed up with The Awesome Foundation and the chapter Awesome Without Borders was born!!

We are enthusiastically and eternally grateful to this group of extraordinary women. Our Awesome Angels 🙂 Thank you!!


2013 Twelfth Night


2013 FREE Shakespeare in the ParkS


All Performances are FREE!!


  • Sarah Bowles*: Feste, Fabian, Officer, Curio
  • Sarah Eismann: Viola
  • Arielle Harding: Orsino, Malvolio
  • Amy Jo Jackson*: Sir Toby Belch, Priest
  • Leah Reddy: Maria, Sebastian, Valentine
  • Amanda Tudor*: Captain, Sir Andrew Aguecheek
  • Folami Williams: Olivia, Antonio


  • Director: Reesa Graham
  • Stage Manager: Jacob Halpern Weitzman
  • Verse Consultant/Coach: Emily C. A. Snyder
  • Publicist: Alessandra Alma
  • Dramaturg: Chelsea Phillips

* * *


Sarah Bowles* (Feste, Fabian, Officer, Curio) Off Broadway: Sarah created the role of Missy in Prospect Theatre Company’s original musical,The Dome. Favorite regional and NYC Shakespeare credits include Lady Anne (RIII), Cassius (JC), Ariel (Tempest) and believe it or not, Silvius/Charles the Wrestler in As You Like It. Sarah has had the pleasure of working as an actor, director, educator, or all three for: American Shakespeare Center (Staunton, VA), Hamptons Shakespeare Festival, York Shakespeare Company, and most recently and extensively, Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, Mass. Sarah is so excited step onto the boards (or grass) with this group of actors and work on one of her favorite plays. Also, as MSP’s new Director of Education, her goal is to utilize all of her past theatre and teaching experiences to create and provide exceptional theatre programs for the students of NYC. She is responsible for the mayhem and raucousness that will most definitely occur when our Knavish Sprites join us onstage at our Prospect Park performances. What must we do else!


Sarah Eismann (Viola) is absolutely thrilled to be working with such a talented and exciting cast and crew on this production. A recent MFA Acting graduate from Columbia University, Sarah got her BFA in Drama at Tisch School for the Arts at NYU. She also trained with the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. She has performed with the Tony Award winning Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, California Shakespeare Theatre, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Woman’s Will, improv troupes Tilted Frame SF, Middle School Poetry, and RadioStar Network. www.saraheismann.com


Arielle Harding (Orsino, Malvolio) graduated from Emerson College in 2012 with a BFA in Acting. Following graduation she appeared in O/A: The Sophocles project (Eurydice) before relocating to NYC. She is currently the Host of Lez Cab (a monthly cabaret show at The Duplex) and is proud to call MSP’s Twelfth Night her first play in Manhattan. She enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.


Amy Jo Jackson* (Sir Toby Belch, Priest) Broadway: Kinky Boots (Dialect Coach). Off-Bway: Nymph Errant (Prospect), Henry IV Part I (The Pearl; Dialect Coach). NYC: The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler (EPBB); Kaspar Hauser, The Great Recession (The Flea); Newsadoozies (UCB). Regional: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Elliot Norton and IRNE Award noms for Best Female Performance in a Musical), Henry IV Plays, Rocky Horror, Laramie Project, Nine, Godspell, As Bees in Honey Drown, Tommy, Full Monty, and Boeing Boeing (twice). As text/dialect coach: NYTW, The Cell, The Flea, Prospect, The Improvised Play, PPAS, The Vineyard, Pace. BFA Boston Conservatory. amyjojackson.com


Leah Reddy (Maria, Sebastian, Valentine) Most recently appeared as First Daughter Polly Jefferson in My First Lady at the Metropolitan Playhouse. Shakespeare: Julia in Two Gentlemen of Verona, Maria in Twelfth Night with Frog and Peach. She rocked a bedazzled water pistol as Dixie in a glam rok version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof at Schapiro Theatre, Columbia U. Leah is a teaching artist, writer, and photographer. Follow her @leahmariereddy.


Amanda Tudor* (Captain, Sir Andrew Aguecheek) Amanda loves adventure and all female productions of Shakespeare. Amanda runs a lot: with the bulls in Spain, half marathons through the country, and away from cannonballs at the 150th Gettysburg anniversary. She hates velcro but loves her rockin family, tall boyfriend, and Moose the french bulldog. www.amandatudor.com Off-broadway: Roundabout Theatre Co: The Milktrain Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore (starring Olympia Dukakis dir. Michael Wilson) Off-Off Broadway: Boomerang: Tempest. Bushwick Shakespeare: (Brutus) Julius Caesar. OSC: (Orlando) As You Like It. Regional: Shakespeare Theatre Co: King Lear (starring Stacy Keach dir. Robert Falls), Twelfth Night, Ion. Hartford Stage. Film: Audition, All My Children. Education: Hartt School BFA, Shakespeare and Co., Austin Pendleton, Hollywood Stunt School.


Folami Williams (Olivia, Antonio) is incredibly excited to be working with Manhattan Shakespeare Project on such a funny and engaging piece. Being a newbie to outdoor theatre, she is glad to take this plunge with a wonderful cast of women by her side. Folami graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in Drama. Past productions include For Colored Girls, HAIR, Two Gentlemen of Verona, and Day of Absence. Coming to New York City has given her the opportunity to spread her wings as an artist. Her past work includes Auto De Fe, Reconstruction International WOW Company; King Lear, Is There Room in Your Heart Teatro La TEA, AUTOMOTIVE East River Commedia.

2013_12thNight_Orsino_Cesario* * *


Reesa Graham (Director) BA in Theater & Psychology from the University of Houston. With a bed in Harlem and a heart from Texas, Reesa is excited to be back to Shakespeare and with such a talented and wonderful group of ladies! As a director, some of her favorite productions include William Mastrosimone’s The Woolgatherer, David Mamet’s Oleanna, Reduced Shakespeare Company’s The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged, and Edna O’Brien’s Triptych. She was also Resident Director of BareShakespeare where she directed All’s Well That Ends Well and Cymbeline. Recently, she founded the art’s collective known as Dare Lab (a safe space for theatre experimentation). She is also the former Artistic Director of Get the Gun Productions for three years, while teaching at Main Street Theatre in Houston Texas. She has studied with Jose Quintero and Marshall Mason, and worked closely with Lanford Wilson at the Albee New Playwrights Festival. As always, love to Mom, Daddy and Nonny.


Jacob Halpern Weitzman (Stage Manager) spent the last year at the Actors Theatre of Louisville as a stage management intern. The 37th Annual Humana Festival of New American Plays: The Humana Ten-Minute Plays, The Delling Shore, and Cry Old Kingdom. Also at Actors: The Whipping Man, Dracula, and A Christmas Carol. Devised work: The Free Life II, Agatha, Jimmy the Spray, and America Boy. Jacob holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Hendrix College where he stage managed Violet: The Musical, The Trial, and What’s That? A Hat! Off-Broadway: production assistant for the a cappella Off-Broadway musical In Transit (Primary Stages).


Emily C. A. Snyder (Verse Consultant/Coach) a recent transplant to NYC, Emily holds her MA in Theatre Education from Emerson College in Boston, MA, where she has been working for the past fifteen years as a director, educator, and playwright. In London and Stratford-upon-Avon, she studied John Barton’s technique with members of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she had the privilege of performing Rosalind from AS You Like It catt-corner to Shakespeare’s birthplace! Since then, Emily has combined her own kinesthetic approach to verse with text-based scholarship to help actors delve deeper into the richness of Shakespeare’s work. She has directed the majority of Shakespeare’s canon, and has had the pleasure of both (once upon a long time ago!) directing Twelfth Night and (in a different production) playing Feste. An internationally performed playwright, Emily has recently turned her attention to writing new plays in blank verse. Her five act iambic pentameter play, Cupid and Psyche, was a finalist in the Princess Grace Fellowship awards, and is currently in pre-production in New York City.


Alessandra Alma (Publicist) A New Jersey native, Alessandra began her career in the United States Air Force as a Communications and Information Officer. She served as the Unit Public Affairs Officer at Andrews AFB, MD where she was responsible for VIP visits, public relations and special ceremonies. Alessandra is a regular contributor to several online magazine websites covering events such as the Latin Grammy Awards, Latin Billboard Awards, and Latin Alternative Music Conference. She has a B.S. in Management from New Jersey Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from New York University.


Chelsea Phillips (Dramaturg) is a fourth-year Ph.D. student at Ohio State University. She holds an M.F.A. in Dramaturgy with a focus on Shakespeare in Performance from Mary Baldwin College/The American Shakespeare Center. This is her third production with Manhattan Shakespeare Project, and she hopes to work with them again soon (in person, this time).

Actors’ Equity Association (AEA) founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence. www.actorsequity.org

* These Actors are appearing courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association.

Equity Approved Showcase



2013 New dates for Palestine!


October 2013:
Palestine has been rescheduled!! –Shakespeare For A New World: The Palestinian Voice

Our dates for the Fall have been officially confirmed. We are very excited! More information to follow! Click Here


With sad and heavy hearts…


With sad and heavy hearts…

…we had to make an extremely difficult decision.

We have decided to postpone our trip to Palestine. We are not canceling. We are very passionate about this project and we will find future dates for Shakespeare For A New World: The Palestinian Voice to go forward. All of the funds that have been raised (minus the fees for moving our plane tickets) have been put aside in a special bank fund and we will continue to apply for grants and contacting foundations. Our hopes are to expand the project to include more artists both here in New York and in Ramallah.

Thank you so much to everyone who has reached out to us with your support, love, thoughts, prayers and concerns. We have been in contact with the Academy students and administration, everyone is doing fine, and they are still just as excited about this project as we are. Their passion and enthusiasm gives us hope!

We believe in this project and the power that it holds, and we plan on going forward to create theatre with an incredible group of artists.

Please keep them in your thoughts.
And again, thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Sarah, Jensen, and Lena

Shakespeare For A New World: The Palestinian Voice



2012 The Palestine Project


Shakespeare For A New World: The Palestinian Voice


Manhattan Shakespeare Project is going GLOBAL!!

We’re sending two teaching artists and a documentary film director to Palestine to work with the students at the Drama Academy Ramallah and The Freedom Theatre in the Jenin refugee camp.

Check out our IndieGoGo campaign and find out how you can help!

Shakespeare For A New World: The Palestinian Voice will engage culturally diverse groups through the process of mentorship; creating theatre with a community with whom they would not normally have the opportunity to work. It will expand knowledge and resources of these artists and strengthen their artistic voices and imaginations to cultivate the imagery of what can be different and change the world around them. It will engage communities outside of Palestine through documentary film-making by bringing these voices and stories of Palestinian artists to them.

To accomplish this 5 MSP artists will work with 2 communities in Palestine, Drama Academy Ramallah (DAR) and Jenin refugee camp to complete: 1) A series of workshops in movement, voice, and Shakespeare text with the students of DAR. 2) An original ensemble piece performed for the public in Ramallah. 3) The presentation of this piece at The Freedom Theatre in Jenin, preceding workshops for students in Jenin that will incorporate DAR students in a mentorship role. 4) A documentary film of this process sharing the work, methodology, and stories of these Palestinian artists with an audience beyond the Palestinian borders. The film and methodology will be used for educational outreach to symposiums across the US, and made available worldwide where students that have created collaborative theatre pieces can use this model to mentor new students.

Help make this project a reality!

Who’s Involved?

Sarah Eismann (teaching artist: Shakespeare Text & Performance), a native Jersey girl, recently received her MFA in Acting from Columbia University School of the Arts. She got her BFA in Drama at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where she attended the Playwrights Horizons Theatre School studio. She has also worked with the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in their Shakespeare in Performance course, the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver in their Summer Intensive, and Teatr Piesn Kozla in Wroclaw, Poland in their Acting Techniques workshop.

Sarah has been performing professionally and teaching for over 18 years. After graduating from NYU, she moved from New York and lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota doing mostly children’s theatre. Among others, she had the pleasure of working with the 2003 Tony award-winning Children’s Theatre Company for a season. She then moved out to California and worked as a performer / teaching artist for two seasons with California Theatre Center, and two seasons with The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. She also had the opportunity to work with the California Shakespeare Theatre, Center Rep, Woman’s Will, Pear Avenue Theatre, The Western Stage and several long and short form improv troupes.

As a teaching artist, Sarah has taught and directed at the elementary, middle and high school levels: improvisation, voice, movement, acting, and all aspects of Shakespeare. Sarah was an adjunct faculty member at Solano Community College in Fairfield, California where she completely redesigned their Youth Theatre program. She has experience working across disciplines and art forms and has worked closely with classroom teachers. Among others she has taught with Classic Stage Company and Summer Theatre Institute (New York), California Shakespeare Theatre, Solano Youth Theatre, Marin Shakespeare Company, CLAP Arts, New Conservatory Theatre Center, Kids on Camera, San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, Peninsula Youth Theatre, Children’s Musical Theatre San Jose, and California Theatre Center.

Now back in New York, Sarah has worked with internationally renowned teachers and directors Kristin Linklater, Andrei Serban, Niky and Ulla Wolcz, Gregory Mosher, Larry Singer, Anne Bogart, John Erman, and Kim Weild, just to name a few. She has studied Linklater Voice Technique, Shakespeare Text and Performance, Biomechanics, Meyerhold, Viewpoints, Film, the Greeks, the Absurdists, French farce, Strindberg, Commedia del’Arte, and Chekhov, as well as classical and contemporary American playwrights and theatre.

Sarah’s artistic philosophy is her belief in the power of theatre, and Shakespeare specifically, as an educational tool to enliven and engage imaginations. The power to imagine what is impossible and unimaginable opens the doors to active positive change in ourselves, our communities, and our world.

Your donation is 100% tax deductable!

Jensen Olaya (teaching artist: Viewpoints & Movement)was born in Bataan, Philippines, and raised between the U.S. Navy bases located in Yokosuka, Japan and San Diego, California. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from San Diego State University, where her experimental theatre training began under the guidance of mentor, dancer, director and playwright, Margaret Larlham. Jensen was a company member of Larlham’s TYME Company for three years while attending SDSU. She then went on to train with SITI Company, first in Los Angeles, and then intensively again in New York City, learning about Composition and the Viewpoints. It was during her work with SITI Company when she was inspired by the work of world renowned director, Anne Bogart. The experience led to her decision to apply to Columbia University’s MFA in Acting Program, where Ms. Bogart was faculty. Since her acceptance to the university, she has been taught the Viewpoints through her teacher, Barney O’Hanlon, and attended Anne Bogart’s collaboration class, where Columbia playwrights, directors, stage managers, and actors created new works together. While at Columbia, she was also taught the Linklater Vocal Technique through Kristin Linklater, herself, and she has been under the guidance of international directors, Andrei Serban, Niky Wolcz, and Ulla Wolcz, and American directors, Gregory Mosher, Larry Singer, Anne Bogart, John Erman, and Kim Weild. Her body of works include the Greek canon, Beckett, Shakespeare, Chekhov, as well as classical and contemporary American playwrights, such as Arthur Miller, Tennessee Williams, to John Pielmeier, and Robert Glaudini, respectively.

Last summer, she attended a workshop series at Song of the Goat Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland, which furthered her physical theatre training. There, she practiced Grotowski-based movement tactics in order to free the mind, body, and voice of the actor. She worked closely with Artistic director and co-founder, Anna Zubrzycki and Rafal Habel. She was so inspired that she decided to do a second workshop with her Columbia colleagues at Song of the Goat in Poland again but in November, after the Columbia Actors’ Thesis tour in Essen, Germany took place.

This year she trained and taught Shakespeare workshops for Classic Stage Company’s Young Company, bringing Shakespeare to high school students in their classrooms. She was also cast as Hero in the Young Company production of Much Ado About Nothing. She was also a teaching artist in training at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, upon graduating from SDSU in 2007. Jensen received her MFA in Acting from Columbia University in May 2012. She hopes to continue her mind, body, voice exploration for the rest of her artistic career.

Her recent New York theatre credits include: Hero, Much Ado About Nothing(Classic Stage Company), The Welsh Woman, Henry IV part I & II (Resonance Ensemble Theatre), The Parlour Maid, La Ronde, Hippolyta, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, (Columbia Stages). San Diego theatre credits: The Medium,Rashomon (Northcoast Rep), Dear Miss Breed (Lyceum Theatre) The Jungle Book,Fire & MistThe Musical Adventures of the Boy Mozart (California Center for the Arts).

Every dollar helps!

In the last few years Lena Rudnick (Documentary Film Director) has been all over the map, both figuratively and literally. She explored crystal mines in the mountains of Brazil for upcoming Discovery Channel show Mineral Explorers. She documented an organization fighting TB in rural India. She studied at the renowned FAMU in Prague.She creates video performances with experimental musicians in non-traditional spaces for Brooklyn’s Original Music Workshop. Currently Lena is a directing candidate in Columbia’s prestigious MFA film program, where she works tirelessly honing her story-telling skills.

She has completely 4 short films with international screenings and is finishing her second feature length script. Most recently, her short film El Spanish Lesson(writer/producer) showed at the NY International Latino Film Festival and her commissioned art can be viewed on OMW’s website. While her developing body of work spans many types of projects Lena’s strength as an artist is in her international perspective and the mixture of comedy and pathos she infuses into her humanity.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much from the entire MSP Palestine project team!