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These past 2 and a half months have really been a roller coaster ride. From the first day, not quite knowing what I was getting myself into, through rehearsals of multi personality twists and turns. Finally coming outside for the first time only to be greeted by a torrential downpour, then working our way into performances. And now we enter our final week.

It is always bittersweet when parting with a project. There is a huge part of you that does not want to leave it alone because it now feels like a regular part of life. But every performer must say goodbye to a role, a costume piece, a favorite line…
What I will take with me is the love that I have had the pleasure of developing for my distinct characters. Emilia will now be one of the most devoted, hard core feminists I can proudly say I gave life to. Roderigo will be the funniest, sweetest little peevish teenaged boy I have come to adore. Cassio “is a proper man” (I can’t escape it when certain lines pop in my head).
This production has been a great platform to talk about the social injustices that we are presented with everyday. Not only has it opened up these discussions with our community, but I think it’s put a bigger fire in my belly to stand up and make a change in my own daily life. And maybe that doesn’t mean burning my bra in front of congress, but it does mean viewing the world differently and doing daily actions throughout my life, no matter how small, to turn the world into the place I want to live in. And that is a place filled with love and acceptance. Not hate.
Emilia, Cassio, Roderigo, Lodovico, Duke of Venice…out.

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