Al’ukhraa Blog 5-24-16


Roderigo is one of those characters every actor secretly wants to play. The sheer nature of him brings out the silliest, friskiest, sneakiest desires that can only be solved by the presence of a pretty girl. He’s cooky and not so witty, but damn it if we still don’t love him just a little.

His youth, spritely energy, and let’s face it, his raging hormones, get him mixed up in Iago’s masterful web. The poor rogue has no clue! And who cares when all promises point to the divine Desdemona!
Getting into the physical body of Roderigo and exploring the world through his eyes is always an interesting treat. At the last rehearsal, I played more with his levels to see how low he really can get, can he sink as low as Iago? Possibly. But then can he lift himself back up to that of Cassio’s level? We shall learn anon.

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