Al’ukhraa Blog 7-16-16


Gareth Tidball (Desdemona, Ensemble)

2016-06-25 19.08.24

Being a part of Al’ukhraa: A Study in Othello has been unlike any other. As we all journey into the final weekend of performances, I’d like to thank the rest of the cast, crew, and audiences for their constant support and enthusiasm. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunity to play so many diverse roles and for meeting some astoundingly talented artists and women. For me, performing Shakespeare is always a divine and savory treat – and these past few weeks and months have pushed me to exceed personal standards that I previously thought unfeasible. I admire Brabantio’s ferocity, Bianca’s wit, and Desdemona’s infallible honesty. It is my future hope to take lessons from each of the characters I have played and use them as examples to breach personal obstacles with bravery and grace.


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