Al’ukhraa Blog 6-6-16


Mouna R’Miki (Othello)


We started this week with runs in Astoria Park – Oh but wait, no, let’s talk about the shower we all took on Sunday at Central Park for our first outdoors rehearsal. We were about 30 min into the run when the Gods of Theater were like “Not now, sweet troubadours, some other time”…It started pouring in Biblical proportions (yes I am a Drama Queen), and we ran with all the props protected in a plastic bag and headed to a coffee shop (that took forever) that had the AC on blasting. We were all soaking wet and taking turns to dry ourselves in the restroom while leaving gigantic trails of water as a souvenir..How we didn’t get sick the following days? That remains a mystery, though that doesn’t keep us from going 😉


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