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Julie Orkis, an actress who must handle several characters in MSP's Othello, laughs during rehearsal. Julie Orkis (Emilia, Ensemble)

With 5 different high lighters, 20 Shakespeare reference books surrounding me and my 15 month old cat (trying to prove she too can help me paraphrase all of my lines) I dive deep into this process. I love getting my hands dirty with a fresh script, especially when a project calls for 7 distinct characters to be created by one actress!

What a juicy opportunity to be so versatile in an hour and 30 minutes. But now, the situation begs the question. How does one transform from a valiant and noble officer, to a Duke with little to no desire to take on responsibility, to a lovely lady with fiery thoughts and then back to that same valiant officer…drunk? Something tells me my body and voice are about to be in for a work out!

Only 2 rehearsals down and 2 acts blocked, and I’m already enjoying the wonderful company of the cast and crew. My fellow cast mates are open, kind, hilarious and beautiful. The team is quick, sharp, gentle and like a big brother and sister duo, ready with snacks and supportive comments. There’s no way I can’t imagine this being a success, simply by the collaborative minds present in the room. And now, to research how to become a valiant drunk officer. Perhaps Uta Hagen? Perhaps a pint….perhaps both!


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