Al’ukhraa Blog 5-2-16


Julia Levine (Assistant Director)

Walking into our rehearsal room tonight, we were greeted by a fabric-ed reading fort lit by twinkling string lights; to me this instantly shouted MAGICAL! And that’s how I feel after meeting the team and completing our first read-through. I do generally feel that first rehearsals are magical, but this one feels especially special. I met most everyone for the first time tonight, and already I could feel the generous, passionate energy in the room. Our undertaking is challenging. After hearing the fearless voices around the reading circle tonight, I’m teeming with confidence and ready to dive into the metaphorical twinkly-light fort that is “Othello” with these amazing people (No, our production is not set in a twinkly-light fort. Even better: it will take place in REAL light!).


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