Al’ukhraa Blog 5-17-16


Julie Orkis (Cassio, ensemble)


Going through the entire play without stoping for the first time feels like being on a roller coaster that you think is about to stop but just keeps going. Yes, that’s right, we ran the entire play! I don’t think my cast mates and I expected to actually know where we were going at what time, and successfully execute it! From 6 o’clock, to 12 o’clock. Drop Cassio, pick up Emilia at 3 then get Rodrigo at 9. What the where?! I felt proud of us to have gotten through this round, knowing that we still have a huge uphill battle with our own personal characters. 

I have to admit, going into this process, I knew that Othello was not among my favorite of stories in the bards canon. But as I get to know these characters, I am further falling in love with who each of them are. Emilia’s witty and sharp tongue, Cassio’s gentlemanly humbleness and Rodrigo’s boyish-ness. It’s nice to know that a process is never actually over and can go on for as long as an actor connects to a production or a character. I have a feeling these new personalities will follow me for some time. 

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