Al’ukhraa Blog 5-13-16


Sarah Eismann (Director, Iago)

There are moments. Moments you don’t forget. Moments you wish you could forget. Moments you live for. Moments you can’t live without.  Moments that make you strong, and moments that make you feel the most human you have ever felt.

This world has so many constraints; restrictions on what is acceptable behavior, where when and how one is allowed to act. Not in good company. Not in public. Not in front of them. It seeps into the personal and the private. I’m embarrassed to speak out loud alone in my room afraid of what…who will think? Me?

Giving voice to people’s stories who have no voice is what makes me feel the most human; the most me. It’s what allows me to break out of the constraints and own the largess of what it means to express what is inside. It gives me permission.

Tonight’s rehearsal was a moment in the realm of being human and telling the hard story. Our Othello created a beautiful moment of love, desperation, intense need and conflict. She told a deeper story than I have ever seen played in that scene before. It was breathtaking and gorgeous and messy and oh so human. I applaud her courage and thank her for taking us on this journey with her. I saw an Othello I have never seen. And it was exciting.


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