Al’ukhraa Blog 5-18-16


Julia Levine (Assistant director)


We started out this week with a review/stumble-through of the entire play — this was the first time we put together everything that we’ve blocked so far, and it was truly a feat. It was so useful to have a rehearsal like this, to inform what more we need to work on as we move into the next phase of rehearsals. I’m most excited to continue with character work. Now that everyone knows where they are going on and off stage, we can really specify the relationships between everyone. I love working collaboratively to find the nuances, and the inner-lives of Shakespeare’s characters! I think once the layers of the characters and their relationships are clearer for us all – especially for Othello and all who interact with him (which is everyone) – we can layer in our modern theatrical devices, including text from politicians and Muslim high school students. The playing and experimenting continues!


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